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CIS290C - Online Learning Basics
Online Registration, Fee Payment, Drop/Add and More!
Online Access (Registration, Payment, Drop/Add)

Emergency Alert System


Student Email (gMail)

I'm in an online course, now what?
Have classes started yet? If so, you need to get started. Use the example below to figure out your login information. Your user name will be your student email address. Your student email is the first letter of your first name, your full last name and your two-digit birth day. Your password will be your 6-digit studdent number and the first two letters of your last name.


Name:John O.
Student Number:012345
Birth Date:06/23/95Password:012345mc
It's important to remember to update your information and change your password once you get in.
Login Demonstration Video
Go to the login page?

I heard that SUSCC switched from Blackbaord to Canvas. Is that true?
Yes. For fall 2013, Southern Union will no longer use the Blackboard Learning System. Blackboard has done a great job for us so far, but it's time for a change. Several other Alabama schools, including Auburn University, are already using Instructure Canvas with great success. We're excited about the migration and we're sure the benefit will overcome the growing pains.

How do I contact my online instructor?
Your instructor probably has a preferred method of communicating with online students. This is to help keep all of the communications threads organized. Once you're in your online course, find out how your instructor would like for you to get in touch. Meanwhile, you may use the directory search link below to search for their email and telephone extension.
Directory Search

Do I have to come on campus for anything?
Probably. Most online courses will require at least one on-campus exam. This will likely be your final exam and will be proctored. Photo identification will be required. In addition, your online course may require an on-campus orientation. Instructors do this to orient the students to help ensure success in the course. Once classes begin, log in to your course to see what your instructor has planned for on-campus visits. If you need to request an exception, you need to do so early in the semester. Exceptions are uncommon and are at the discretion of the individual instructors.

What is Respondus?
The Respondus LockDown Browser (RLDB) is designed to prevent your computer from doing other things while you are testing online. The RLDB should not allow you to print, copy, paste or navigate to another window while testing. The specialized browser will be used instead of your standard browser when testing. It will need to be installed once on your computer before your first test. Be sure to get this software installed and running before the deadline for your tests gets too close. Not all online instructors require this software. Check your online course for more information on testing requirements. The link to download and install is below.
Download Respondus LockDown Browser

What is Camtasia?
Camtasia Relay is an application that your instructor may use to create lecture recordings. This software generally does not require any additional action from the student.

What is TurnItIn?
TurnItIn is the industry standard in online plaigarism prevention. Any work that you submit in your online course is likely to be filtered and compared to a global database of other documents and student work. Your instructor will receive a report detailing the liklihood that portions of your submission have been copied. In addtion, some in-persion (traditional) courses will use this tool to check student submissions.

Is my online course in Blackboard or Canvas?
Blackboard has been completely phased out and is only available for instructor reference. All online/hybrid courses with Southern Union will be facilitated through Instructure Canvas from Fall 2013 forward.

How much do online courses cost?
Online course tuition and fees are the same as in-person (traditional) courses. Some online courses will use a different book. Check the course syllabus or the bookstore for textbook information. The link below shows a table outlining typical tuition and fee rates.
Tuition/Fee Table

What is CIS290C?
Students must log into CIS 290C during the first week of classes or risk being reported as a "no-show" to the financial aid office. A student receiving financial aid that is reported as a "no-show" will be withdrawn from CIS 290C and the co-requisite on-line class or classes.

CIS 290C is an orientation to online classes. The objective is to familiarize students with the Blackboard Learning System so that they may be successful in on-line classes.

The current deadline date for completing CIS 290C is printed on the course schedule and will show in the Canvas course. Typically, this date is 1-2 weeks after classes begin.
No test submissions will be accepted after this date.

Things to remember:
  • CIS 290C will begin on the first day of classes for each term, but will be cut off on a specified date. After this point, students will no longer be permitted complete the course.
  • CIS 290C is a co-requisite to your first online class. Since CIS 290C is a co-requisite, dropping it will result in an automatic withdrawal from any other online classes.
  • Students must log into CIS 290C during the first week of classes or risk being reported as a 'no-show' to the financial aid office. A student receiving financial aid that is reported as a “no-show” will be withdrawn from CIS 290C and the co-requisite on-line class or classes.
To access CIS 290C, you'll need to follow the directions for a standard online class. Use the links below...
- Read the Instructions
- Take me straight to the login page.

Download a PDF version of the CIS 290C syllabus here.

Students must log into CIS 290C during the first week of classes or risk being reported as a 'no-show' to the financial aid office. A student receiving financial aid that is reported as a "no-show" will be withdrawn from CIS 290C and the co-requisite on-line class or classes.

Go to the YouTube Playlist with the Videos (bypass Canvas)
Login Demonstration Video

Notes for Georgia Students
If you are a resident of Georgia taking classes at Southern Union, please note the items listed below...

  • Grievance Policy - GA students should use the information below to contact GNPEC if they are unable to resolve grievances through Southern Union's standard policies.
    Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission
    2082 East Exchange Place STE 220
    Tucker, Georgia 30084

Notes for Students in Other States
Southern Union State Community College maintains no physical presence in states other than Alabama.

Problems and Complaints
If you have a technical problem with Canvas or any other technology related to online courses, contact your instructor first to let them know what is going on. Some issue may require the help of the program coordinator (

If you have a complaint or other issue with your instructor, please let your instructor know that you are concerned. Your instructor has been trained and certified to teach online classes and we are confident that they are highly qualified to do so. Some issued may require the advice of the department chair. Check with your instrucotr for their chair's contact information. Finally, the Academc Dean is the final authority on most matters. Your department chair can help schedule a meeting if necessary.

College Grievance Policy (Student Handbook - Page 13)
Student Rights and Procedures (Student Handbook - Page 302)

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Ask a Question...
If you don't see your question answered here...send an email to the appropriate department...

  • Distance Education -
  • Web Page Info -
  • Records Office -
  • Financial Aid -
  • Business Office -
  • Technical Support -

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SU Emergency Alert Notification Service is a FREE service provided to all students that sends alert notifications to cell phones, home phones, pagers, and email informing students of College closings and class cancellations due to emergency situations such as hazardous weather conditions. Students will be responsible for updating contact information and prioritizing the calling order in which emergency notifications are received. Updates can be made by typing in in any Internet browser address bar.

For technical assistance please contact our SU Alert helpdesk at See the login example below...
Name:John O. McDonaldUsername:johmcd23
Birth Date:06/23/95Password:062395
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Go Directly to Email Login?

Please see the example below for instructions on how to access your Southern Email account. All new student email accounts will be created a couple days prior to the start of the semester. Email accounts are created weekly based on registration.

Your First Name Initial + Complete Last Name + 2 digit Birthday

Your Student ID Number + the first two letters of your Last Name.

Example, John Michael Smith who was born September 3, 1980 whose Student Number is 206547 would use:

Username: jsmith03 (Do not include the with the username)
Password: 206547sm

* In the rare case of duplicates we will append a 1 to the end of the username. Using the example above John would use jsmith031.

If you were enrolled at Southern Union between Fall Semester 2010 and Summer Semester 2011 you will need to use your Student ID Number without appending the first two letters of your Last Name.

Most common reasons users cannot login to their student email accounts:

1. New students trying to access their account prior to the start of the term. New email accounts will be created throughout the registration process. Please wait until a few days before the semester begins to try accessing your email.

2. Including the with your username. The login box will not accept characters such as spaces and symbols.

3. Not including the first two letters of your last name after your Student ID Number. This effects all new students and those students who started summer term of 2011. For students who attended before the summer 2011 term you will need to use only your Student ID Number.

4. Using the name you go by rather than your first name. Some students go by their middle name. For email purposes you must use your First Name initial.

5. Not including a leading zero at the end of your username. Students who were born between the 1st—9th will need to include the leading 0.

All new student email accounts will be created a couple days prior to the start of the semester. Email accounts are created weekly based on registration.

During the Spring 2010 Term Southern Union moved away from our in-house email service to Google's Gmail service. This enables us to provide more functionality and better access. With this transition we had to change the username and password naming schema to meet Google's requirements.

If you have tried all of these steps and your are still unable to login please send an email to Brad Davis at Make sure to include your Student ID Number, DOB, and Full Name when sending an email.

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Go Directly to Login?

Southern Union has a comprehensive online student portal designed to facilitate online registration, financial aid, fee payment, drop/add, transcript requests, information updates and more. Students will need their 6-digit student numbers and their personal identification number (PIN). Generally, your PIN will just be your 6-digit birth date. For security, please to not share this information or give anyone access to your account.
View a Video Demonstration on Registering Online

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